The Magical, Marvelous, Amazing, Sparkpack...That Didn't Work

Young Bob is having the best week of his life learning to fly with his brand new  magical, marvelous, amazing sparkpack.  When he spends too many days  having fun flying and ignores his promise to help rake Mr. Dibbles yard...his precious sparkpack sputters and stops working. 
Bob is overwhelmed to have a non-sparking sparkpack and sets off on a quest to bring back the spark shine before anyone discovers his sparkpack trouble.  
The delightful illustrations show that Bob constantly overlooks a tag near the zipper.  Happily Bob resolves his own problem but readers get to see the important message on that undiscovered tag at the book's clever end:
"Dear Owner:
Sparkpacks are mirrors that copy what you do,
Hide your light from others, it hides its light from you.
Share your light with others, it shines brightly too."
This lighthearted tale is a reminder that helping others is often the fastest way to help yourself.
Click this link to donate to the Todd Schwartz Kindness Challenge if you enjoy this audio video book above and its message.

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