An Award Winning Book Series with a Kind & Sprightly Mission

 There's magic in EVERY sprightly moment of kindness.

Seven young characters with sprightly pluck and can-do attitudes, inspire child kindness and help generate awareness and funding for critical children's charities.  

While this might sound like a lot to accomplish, the power of a sprightly attitude, or as we like to say SPRiTELEE attitude, is that you simply take one small action and stay open to the magic of where it might lead...

For Children:  Written for children ages 5 to 8 years old, entertain, inspire, and compel children to spark three acts of kindness in order to earn their SPARKtificate Certicate.  

We believe children learn best when we lead by example.  These books were written solely to benefit carefully chosen children's charities. We spark kindness too.

For Parents/Teachers/Caregivers/Grandparents:  provide an opportunity to teach young children about the importance of kindheartedness and the magic of giving.  These magical adventures provide a springboard to discuss charity, gratefulness, and the power of small acts of kindness to help change the world. 

For Charities:  No person profits from these audio e-Books except for carefully chosen children's charities.

The Kindness Grove Knoll Book Series is many things:

  • an award winning book series of clever and entertaining tales,
  • an inspiring & creative approach to children's books with rewarding SPARKtificate certificates and helpful end pages to inspire child kindness and teach philanthropy, and
  • a clever & first of its kind approach to raise awareness and funds for critical children's charities through timed campaigns. 

Spark kindness with 

Helping one story and one charity at a time...because kindness is part of any cure.