Where does the name SPRiTELEE come from? 

The name SPRiTELEES is pronounced Sprite-Lees and it is a word-play on the word sprightly.

I love that young children are sprightly!  They have a belief in their own abilities that is almost magical. They care and they are action oriented.  I'd like to see us celebrate and cultivate that beautiful quality so that we might find more sprightly adults!  When I named the characters, I decided that I wanted the name to honor the unique spirit of children when they are at their best.


We want every child to see themselves in The SPRiTELEES.  In this way, every child will read a SPRiTELEE tale and be motivated to jump up and complete three kind actions.  There are seven SPRiTELEES including three boys and four girls.  Their names are Zing, Rane, Perk, Flash, Tela, Bob, and Vissy.  They live in the Village Kindness Grove Knoll nested at the base of a majestic mountain. They travel in horse drawn carriages without drivers, live in brightly lit tree houses, and stroll through colorful and inviting shops in their cobblestone village square.  
SPRiTELEES are ordinary children at birth, but they attend Spark Bright School in a giant tree house and learn to read, write, master math facts, and spark kindness.  To graduate each child must help three people in a row. Without warning a magical, silvery-purple mist appears and when it lifts: there is a sparkpack for that child.  
Sparkpacks allow SPRiTELEES to fly, and that is why they are always zooming off on adventures spreading their kindness sparks far and wide.