Kindness Grove Knoll

Everyone Would Love to Live in the Village of KGK!

Including every young child that reads a SPRiTELEES tale.  This is the magical motivation for every young reader to want to jump up and complete three kind acts.  We all want our world to look and feel like KGK (readers come to discover that KGK stands for Kindness Grove Knoll). 

Kindness Grove Knoll is nestled at the base of a majestic mountain with horse drawn carriages without drivers, brightly lit tree homes, and the most colorful and inviting shops in the village square.  Places like the Magic Workshop, Decorate Your Sparkpack Shop, and The Yum Treat Maker where you can order frozen hot chocolate and scrumptious treats.   

There is a fountain, waterfalls, and a see-through elevator ride to the mountain top launch pad.

Open a SPRiTELEE tale and let your adventure begin...