Our Mission


The books about the SPRiTELEES are written to celebrate and cultivate child sprightliness, that magical, can-do attitude that anything is possible! 
The books are not written for profit but to live their own message about the magic power of giving and to fundraise for important children's health causes. 

Book One: The Gift that Saved Christmas    

The first SPRiTELEE book, The Gift that Saved Christmas, is a holiday tale written to fundraise for.   You can read more about this charity here, A Kids Brain Tumor Cure. 
This book was printed in 2006 and sold out in 15 short weeks!  It won iParenting Media's "Greatest New Product of the Year" award and was featured on Fox News and NECN with Chet Curtis. 
With readings around the state and school visits, children fell in love with the SPRiTELEES and asked for more tales about sparkpacks and KG Knoll, the magical home to the SPRiTELEES. 
Motivated by the fact these seven SPRiTELEES, three boys and four girls, had fully captivated children's wonder and imagination, another picture book was created: The Magical, Marvelous, Amazing Sparkpack that Didn't Work

Book Two: The Magical, Marvelous, Amazing Sparkpack that Didn't Work 

 This second SPRiTELEE Tale, The Magical Marvelous Amazing Sparkpack...That Didn't Work is dedicated to the memory of Todd Schwartz.   He epitomized SPRiTELEEness in his short 19 years on this earth by radiating fun filled kindness in nearly everything he did.  The SPRiTELEES want to thank his mother, Janet Schwartz, for channeling her hurt and loss into incredible commitment to fundraise for the Jimmy Fund to help fund a cure for child cancer.  Todd's incredible mom has walked so many miles, she has raised over $1,000,000 towards a cure.  Now that's SPRiTELEEness at its best!  The downloadable audio video book below is free.  

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