Ellen Degeneres Underwear

We Hid ELLEN Underwear in our book as a nod to our favorite celebrity.

The point to my series is that children have a magical, whimsical quality that I call sprightliness.  They are willing to jump in and help at a moment's notice. There are very few sprightly adults, unless you consider Ellen Degeneres!  She's funny, fun, willing to help, and chock full of sprightliness, or as we say SPRiTELEEness.


We wanted to thank her for all that she does to brighten our world with kindness sparks.  In this second book, the author and illustrator decided to  hide Ellen Underwear in one illustration.  It's a silly thing, but that is exactly why it is a perfect thank you!

If this doesn't make sense to you, you don't watch enough Ellen shows.  We recommend you watch her more often as you are missing out on a wonderful human being who makes a difference day-in and day-out with her special spirit.

We don't want to tell you where it is, you have to watch the video to find it!