The Magical, Marvelous, Amazing Sparkpack...That Didn't Work

Young Bob has just earned his magical, marvelous, amazing sparkpack but when he spends too many days focused on his own fun flying and ignores his promise to help rake Mr. Dibbles yard...his precious sparkpack sputters and stops working.  Bob is overwhelmed to have a non-sparking sparkpack and sets off on a quest to bring back the spark shine before anyone discovers his sparkpack trouble.  
The delightful illustrations show that despite how eager Bob is to find an answer to revive his sparkpack, he constantly overlooks a tag near the zipper.  Luckily, Bob stumbles upon his answer by jumping in to help friends clean the playground and his sparkpack power is restored.  The last page of the book, while Bob is sleeping, shows the reader in the soft glow of a now-happy-again sparkpack the message of the unseen tag:
This lighthearted tale is a reminder that helping others is often the fastest way to help yourself.
Written as an additional tale to the series started by The Gift that Saved Christmas, written to fundraise for A Kids Brain Tumor Cure, this book is also about the SPRiTELEES, seven children, three boys and four girls from a magical knoll that captivates children's wonder and imagination. 
Dedicated to the memory of Todd Schwartz
This audio video book is being shared to fundraise for the Jimmy Fund and the cure for childhood cancer.   The book is dedicated to the memory of Todd Schwartz who lost his battle with cancer at age 19 but left a legacy of kindness.  A fitting real life hero for a children's tale about the importance of sharing your light with others every chance you can.
The creators of the audio book are seeking to stay anonymous as true giving is best done without need for thanks.  Click this link to donate to the Todd Schwartz Kindness Challenge if you enjoy this book and its message.

Thank you for helping us make a difference and honor Todd.  We want to help Todd's mother, Janet Schwartz, in her commitment to fundraise so that other families wont feel the pain and loss child cancer has brought to her heart.  Since Janet was a kindergarten teacher for xx years, we think a picture book is an especially fitting tribute to honor her hard work.