Please enjoy & share this free children's audio picture book dedicated to Todd for his kindness. We hope to raise awareness and funds to help end child cancer.

Todd Schwartz was a kindhearted, bright-spirited boy from Westwood, MA. Todd was diagnosed with cancer as a young boy.  In 2002, he passed away at the tender age of 19 years.  Todd's legacy was kindness.  He spent many hours in hospitals cheering up younger patients when he himself felt poorly.  Ever smiling, Todd brought joy wherever he traveled and his passing left an unfathomable hole in his family's heart.


An enchanting children's book written to inspire child kindness, The Magical Marvelous Amazing Sparkpack...That Didn't Work is dedicated to the loving Memory of Todd Schwartz.


This audio picture book above was created to inspire child kindness and honor Todd's memory.  The hope is that people will share this free audio video file with young children everywhere inspiring child kindness.  This honors and grows Todd's kindness legacy. 

Please Consider a Donation to  and the Todd Schwartz Kindness Challenge.

The hope is that viewers will consider a donation to Todd's Kindness Challenge to continue the fight against child cancer.  Todd's mom, Janet, has worked tirelessly to fundraise against childhood cancer to help other children after losing her son.

To date, Janet Schwartz has walked 15 years and raised over $1,000,000 to help stop child cancer.

She walks to honor Todd because the cure wasn't available when he needed it. And she walks for everyone else's child to spare other families the heartache the Schwartz's live with daily.

      Todd & Janet Schwartz 

Sharing This Book Spreads Todd's Message about Being a Person for Others and Raises Awareness & Funds for a Cure.

Audio files like this are so easy to share.  Please help us share this book and its challenge far and wide, especially if you know any families fighting child cancer.  We want them to know there are dedicated people creatively fundraising for a cure as fast as possible. 

Here's the Challenge:

Unlike a walkathon or a bikathon, this is a very easy read-athon you can do from your seat right now!

Please share this audio video book below, The Magical, Marvelous, Amazing Sparkpack....that Didn't Work  with a child between the ages of 3 and 8 years. 




To read more about the book, click here!


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After the child has heard the story, explain that this story was created to help raise money so that children with cancer will feel better.  Ask the child if they feel the book was a story worth buying.

IF your child says YES, please click this link to donate to the Team Todd Kindness Challenge for   .  It's that simple!


World Kindness Day is November 13, 2018. 

Janet and her family have been fundraising tirelessly for a world without child cancer since 2002.  Let's help them!

We are kicking this off on World Kindness Day, November 13, 2018, the perfect day for our mission.  Please help us get 1,000 views of this free audio video book by Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17, 2019.  Ideally every viewer will be moved to donate a little something to the Todd Schwartz Kindness Challenge at  to help.


Please share this easy and inspiring fundraiser!  The world could surely use more kindness and less child cancer.